Benedikt Geir Jóhannesson

Data Science - Language Technology - Artificial Intelligence


M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence and Language Technology

Reykjavik University
Aug, 2020- Jun, 2022

Master thesis:
Entity Linking for Icelandic

B.Sc. Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science

Reykjavik University
Aug, 2013- Jun, 2016


Icelandic Revenue and Customs: Data Science Unit Lead

Data Science Unit Lead at the Icelandic Revenue and Customs. Current projects include applying machine learning to tax and customs data for fraud detection and tax control, various data analysis for government authorities and general software development.

Nordic Smart Government

The Smart Government vision is that of a data driven Nordic region, where data and digitisation enable value creation by sharing data across the region in an automatic, intelligent and secure manner. Nordic Smart Government is thus a driver of an integrated Nordic region, which is the ambition of the Nordic Prime Ministers. The programme was launched by Nordic Ministers of Business in May 2018, and is supported financially by Nordic Innovation.

Fraunhofer CESE: Junior Research Scientist

NASA's Data Access Toolkit allows NASA analysts to query a large database of telemetry data. The user is unfamiliar with the data and several data transformations can occur, it is impossible to determine whether the system behaves correctly or not in full scale production situations. We addressed this testing problem by applying the idea of metamorphic testing. Specifically, we base it on equivalence of queries and by using the system itself for testing. The approach is implemented using a model-based testing approach in combination with a test data generation and test case outcome analysis strategy.

Reykjavík University:
Research Assistant

Undergraduate research opportunity program at Reykjavík University. Assisting Dr. Magnús Már Halldórsson on his research on ad-hoc networks for one semester.